My Top 5 Podcasts about Emotions You Need to Hear!

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As I pull together a new workshop for a culture & leadership client, I’ve been thinking about all the amazing podcasts that have informed my work on emotions in the workplace.

For those interested in why embracing emotions are crucial in the workplace in 2022, I thought I’d do a throwback to my favourite podcasts on emotions:

  1. Are you leaking emotional waste at work? with Cy Wakeman (Making Positive Psychology Work)
  2. Building Emotional Agility with Susan David (HBR Ideacast)
  3. Do you have an Emotional Culture Strategy? with Prof Mandy O’Neill (Making Positive Psychology Work)
  4. Emotions, Learning, and Resilience with Susan David & Marc Brackett (The Learner Lab)
  5. Marc Brackett & Brene Brown on Permission to Feel (Unlocking Us)

By far my favourite podcast from 2020. I was literally a sponge soaking up not only the super savvy Brené Brown, but all the fascinating research from Dr. Marc Brackett . His book Permission to Feel has quickly become a favourite book in my collection!

The Brackett & Brown duo talk beyond the generalised BAD, SAD and GLAD emotions and how people can be better equipped to manage their emotions through the RULER technique.

What podcasts are your go-to for learning more about emotions? Leave a comment on my LinkedIn article here so we can all expand our podcast libraries and soak up all the amazing learnings out there!

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Lorissa is a Melbourne team and leadership coach, facilitator, and people strategist.

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