Workshop Experiences

Our Workshop Experiences offer you a bite sized culture and team building snack. You can mix, match and stack the workshops to create your own journey or get a standalone experience.

Emotional Culture Workshop Experience with Assembly Culture

Emotional Culture Mapping

Mapping your Emotional Culture is a great option for those organisations that are looking to bring their culture into focus – a foundational first step to talking about culture in a tangible way. We work through the existing culture, the behaviours and rituals that live in your organisation and the impact they are having. We then move to a desired emotional culture looking at the path to workplace culture you want, designing rituals and highlighting the behaviours that show us the way.

Emotionally Led Leadership

The Emotionally-Led Leadership experience brings your leaders together to gain an understanding of what emotional leadership means, and the narratives and belief systems within the group that help and hinder leadership and business impact. We explore the behaviours and leadership that may be impacting business effectiveness, teams and culture, creating a framework of values, behaviours, rituals and habits.

An optional Leadership Circle Profile 360 leadership assessment can be added on with individual debrief sessions.

Emotionally Led Change

Change is a hotbed of emotions, so why wouldn’t you consider emotionally mapping change when embarking on a change initiative. In this workshop experience, we work through the change itself (why, benefits, barriers) and the behaviours, rituals and habits that can support the individuals and teams with stability in times of transition. The team will walk away with a team canvas of strategies and support plans, as well as a personal commitment to support and champion the change.

Leveraging Stakeholder Relationships

Stakeholder relationships can be key to business success, but there are often competing priorities and competing personalities all playing a different game on the same board. This experience looks to map the stakeholders and their priorities, what we want our stakeholders to experience and our measures of success . We then look to the Stakeholder Journey, looking at strategies and practices to build trust, rapport and true collaboration.
Emotional Culture Moments that Matter in Workplaces

The Moments that Matter

(Employee Experience Mapping)

In a world of talent shortages, the experience we provide for our people can be the single biggest driver to engagement, retention and satisfaction at work. Working with the people and culture team, key stakeholders in the business as well as inputs from new and existing talent, this workshop experience co-creates a desired Employee Experience Journey with the purpose of creating even more positive emotional experiences at the moments that matter.
Emotional Culture Submapping and synchronisation

SubCulture Mapping & Synchronisation

Sub-cultures are no longer a dirty word; in fact sub-cultures create environments for belonging, diversity & inclusion, employee engagement, innovation and creativity. Working with functional teams in the organisation, we deep dive into the sub-cultures, exploring the habits, rituals and practices that enable (and disable) the team in achieving business effectiveness and aligning to values and organisational strategy.


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