assembly: /əˈsɛmbli/ the action of gathering together as a group for a common purpose.

Organisational culture done differently.

What is
Emotional Culture?

Every organisation has a culture, it’s whether that culture is the right one to take the organisation forward to achieve it’s goals. Assembly Culture specialises in emotional culture (F-Word cultures) and starts conversations about how people are FEELING – not a conversation that is usually had in the workplace, now is it?!

When it comes to culture, we often think about words like values, behaviours and norms – the framework that tells us how to behave in the workplace. Known as cognitive culture, these are the hard influencers that drive ‘how we do things’, and how we should act within the organisational guardrails.

The missing link are the affective components – the influences that impact how people feel in the workplace.

Culture is not only about how people meet, make decisions and collaborate, it’s about what drives the behaviours to make decisions. 

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Participants at an emotional culture deck workshop with Lorissa Garcia in Melbourne Australia

Because behind behaviours, sit emotions

Emotions are what enable people to show up fully, to live into the values, to perform at their best. 

And that’s why we need to have more F-word conversations at work.

Because when people can bring their full selves to work and experience more desirable emotions in their workplace, they make better decisions, are more creative, perform more strongly and are more engaged!

This is Emotional Culture

And this is what at Assembly Culture is all about: organisational and emotional culture consultancy.

"How we feel and how we interpret others' feelings drives the quality of our relationships. Emotions, at the core, are signals to approach or avoid"

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Did you know we can ‘catch’ emotions through our interactions with people?

It’s called emotional contagion.

Download your free emotions in the workplace resource now, the poster you need to prompt your people to check-in with their emotions and energy.

Did you know it only takes as little as 8 minutes to ‘catch’ emotions? We know, crazy right! That is the first reason you need our workplace resource now.

Keep reading for many more reasons…

How a person behaves outwardly sets the tone for the people around them. It creates an atmosphere, a context in which to operate in, a signal of safety. 

Assembly Culture and its emotional culture consultant empowers leaders, teams and organisations with increased self awareness, improved emotional literacy and a better understanding of how emotions impact culture in the workplace.

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Why work with
Emotional Culture?

Most companies are great at telling us what to do….

Behind these conceptual instructions are something much more complex – an individual’s emotions.

What drives behaviour is… emotion.

When the emotions our people experience at work are more pleasant, the behaviours will be reflective of a positive response. When we give people permission to bring emotions to the workplace, we give them power to express themselves as they are, not as we think they should be.

The benefits of working on the emotional culture in your organisation is having your people….

feeling this…

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not that

You got this far… so by now you can see how important it is for your people to check-in with their emotions in the workplace.

Curious about what a Culture Journey with an emotional and organisational culture coach might look like for your organisation?

Journeys are designed bespoke to your needs and look at various aspects of your culture including values and behaviours, how you meet, how you make decisions, how you give feedback, onboard, exit and everything in between!

Ready to go on a Culture Journey in your organisation and create a collaborative, connected and cohesive team?

"Organisations need to become better at allowing people to talk about and manage their emotions in the workplace - otherwise it will simply be a culture of suppression… which leads to disengagement"